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The hungry goblin.

For most visitors, this site will have little value to you. I originally created this site to house my current information for the various RPGs I was participating in. As my use of the site grew, so did my ambition for the other ways I could utilize it. With the growing use of tablets and iPads at the gaming table I wanted a centralized space where I could store everything I needed.

I've found that having a permanent home to my campaign links, character sheets, sourcebooks, and general RPG links has proven to be a very useful tool. So much so that I would be hard pressed now to not have access to it during a game. I've stopped carrying around a laptop in favor of a much smaller and lighter iPad. This project started as a web page I designed but it became obvious after some use that the graphics and layout caused problems with the visibility and use of many of the links. After creating the wiki for my Kingmaker game and becoming familiar with the code and layout I decided that the wiki format would be perfect for this page. I lost some graphics flavor but in exchange I got a site that is pretty much fully functional on any device, and is simple to use as well. I also like that I can change it from anywhere, as opposed to needing to be on my system that has my editors and design tools for web coding.

So, if you have found your way here it is likely because we are in a game together, or were at some point. If that is the case please feel free to use whatever tools you might find here that will be helpful to you. I'm always expanding the functionality of the site and content should change pretty requently.

Safe journeys!

Chad aka GM Captain Trips

About Me

I started playing RPGs when I was around eight years old. My first exposure was to Basic D&D, and that quickly evolved into 1st Edition, then 2nd Edition, etc. I've been gaming now for over 30 years and have played just about every game system there is to play at some point. I have been a DM in several long running campaigns, but I've always preferred to be on the player side of the table.

Currently I am the Venture Captain for the Pathfinder Society of Kentucky, and spend most of my gaming time either running my regular group on Sundays or organizing events around the state of Kentucky.